Im jake. I am high on life,cannabis connoisseur, and mountain biking addict.
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shits chaotic right now. i have 11 dollars to my name and no way of making this instant. Been asking people if they have shit to do as well. I applied for like 12 places this morning and i had an interview but couldnt go because fucking school is retarded and finally decide to call me today and go” oh hey even though you werent allowed to come in this week, if you arent here at 11 you’re gunna be dropped. So then i couldnt go to my interview because i want my diploma still and im already done with school but the interview guy was like this wont work if you have to attend school and i was like i dont really only twice a week for  about an hour tops and he was like sorry it just doesnt look like its gunna work and im like WTF. so im just frustrated with shit. with me. but im glad i still have aubrey by my side. god damn, idk what id do without her. She is literally the best thing that has happened to me. At least one aspect of my life is fucking perfect.

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