Im jake. I am high on life,cannabis connoisseur, and mountain biking addict.
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I enjoy using drugs. Whether i’m stoned, on a 18 hour acid trip or rolling balls on like 5 points, drugs are fun. They make you live in the moment and realize who you really are. Yes i have been called an addict and it sucks. But the truth of the matter is im not an addict. If i was taking acid every day, or shooting heroin, i would call my self an addict. BUT, i dont. So get it right everyone who doesn’t do drugs. YOU cant hate on something you havent personally tried. If you want to be able to voice an opinion about drugs and how they fuck you up, please take them first so you actually know whats up and not just base it off of what you have been told. So yes i am a drug user, but im not a bad person. I dont go around jumping off of buildings and going crazy in my bathroom. Most of the time when on something im in the wilderness or at a rave making new friends. 

So ultimately what i have been saying this entire fucking time is that you cant hate on drugs if you havent tried them, and not every drug user is some strung out meth head. 

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